Monday, 6 April 2015

Disgusting Red Juice!

Aseroe rubra, Ancient Greek Asē/αση 'disgust' and roē/ροη 'juice', with Latin ruber 'red' (according to Wikipedia).  Spotted this 'Anenome Stinkhorn' on an Easter Monday walk at Mount Glorious today in D'Aguilar National Park, beautiful sunny weather after rather a wet weekend.  We walked from the Maiala picnic spot, which translates to 'quiet place' (Kamilroi people's word) - not so quiet today with many daytrippers at this great picnic and walking spot!  Also according to Wikipedia this was the first native Australian fungus to be formally described, which makes it quite an exciting find - the first one found was in Tasmania, so this has rather a large range; I believe its pretty common up here in south east Queensland, around 2,500 km to the north of Tasmania.

Above is the view from the Wivenhoe Lookout looking towards Lake Wivenhoe and the Enogerra dam- supplying Brisbane's water and protecting us from floods.

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  1. A good find and what a great name.! I've never seen one here in Tassie,