Monday, 21 April 2014

White Wallabies!

We had a wonderful Easter break in Tasmania, one of our favourite places in Australia. The cool, clear air was so refreshing after the very hot summer we have had in Queensland. We headed for Bruny Island, one of the eight ultimate Aussie weekend escapes in Lonely Planet! We were lucky to be joined by friends who grew up in Tasmania, and one spent his childhood summers surfing on Bruny so he really knows it like the back of his hand (and should start a tour company!).

Bruny is simply fantastic for immersing in the wilderness, taking long walks on cliff-tops or windswept beaches, lying in the warm sunshine in a sheltered cove or taking a thrilling boat ride around the rocks to see seals, albatross and eagles.  Then after all that return to a cosy cottage and sample some great cheese, wine, whisky, oysters and fudge. yum. Yet there are no hoards of tourists, quite the opposite. We stayed at the wonderfully named Adventure Bay, pictured below, which is probably the best spot to base yourself on the island.

There is plenty of wildlife to be found, and we only had to wander as far as the back garden of our cottage to see a rare white wallaby, which our friend hadn't even seen before - able to survive on Bruny due to the absence of predators.  It was very special to see such an unusual creature, it almost felt like I was seeing a unicorn! It had quite a magical quality as the white fur glows in the sunlight. 

Then it was even more amazing to see she had a joey!

There was a lot of smoke in the air from forestry fires, which made for some stunning sunsets... Bruny is a truly magical place.

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