Monday, 20 August 2012

Places you love

An alliance of 30 conservation groups has started a campaign called 'places you love'.  As the federal government is considering revising environmental laws to facilitate resource exploitation, a major component is to devolve project approval powers to state governments.  We need to take action now to keep federal protection of the special places we love in Australia, as they are already vulnerable to development threats, such as from mining. As you can see on this blog there are many places in Australia I love and so of course I've already sent my message to try to keep them protected.  There are also some lovely photos on this site in the gallery (I am hoping my picture of koalas on Mt Gravatt might feature there too, I just uploaded it!). 
Crimson Rosellas in the ANBG: A place I love very much


  1. I hope you don't mind a political comment. The type of change suggested shows what a bunch of idiots are in the current Government.

    The (official) Opposition would clearly be worse.

    So what about the Greens? Probably workshopping something somewhere and will realise there is a problem when all of Cape Yorke and 3/4 of New South Wales has been loaded on to a bulk carrier pointing to China.

    The only answer can be concerted local action - Lock the Gate seems a great idea.

  2. no worries - the more I come to known Australian politics the more depressed I am! There is an exciting wave of local and NGO action happening, I hope for the sake of all the lovely places here it succeeds, I'm right on board.