Sunday, 17 July 2011

On the right side of winter

The evenings are starting to get a little lighter again and now I feel we are on the right side of winter, spring is on its way.  There are some little signs in the garden, like the frisky male superb fairy wrens Malurus cyaneus darting everywhere and the thousands of star-like buds on the wattle (Acacia spp.) trees, just waiting to burst into bloom (and to give me hayfever!).

There are plenty of winter flowers out in the garden too, including many Banksia and this lovely flower, it is some sort of Grevillea (I couldn't find a label - it was just outside the main entrance to the gardens).


  1. Thank you so much for setting me straight on the Young male superb fairy wren in eclipse plumage. I have been wondering for some time why some of the 'hens' have blue on their tails and others not. Time for observation and researching has been short as my poor old Prof gets more and more involved with Mr. Alzheimer.

    The banksia in your post appears to be Banksia ericafolia, although I cannot tell for sure from the photo.

    Thanks again for the bird I.D. it is good to have three sources who pull me out of the woods when I blunder . . .

  2. Hi Arija, glad to share what little knowledge i have now! Thanks for the ID on the Banksia too, sometimes I can't find labels in the gardens then I'm stuck.