Friday, 16 April 2010

Lambertia and the elusive Eastern Spinebill

The gardens really are alive with so many beautiful flowers at the moment, particularly ones that produce nectar, like this lovely Lambertia inermis
The first picture shows the flower in bloom, the second is yet to open, caught in a ray of sunlight.  I sat on a bench nearby for quite a while, as a little Eastern Spinebill  Acanthorhynchus tenuirostris was flitting from flower to flower, feasting on the nectar.  Could I get a good shot of him? No!! Im determined to get a good picture of one of these one day, but sadly, my attempts this time were no better than my last attempt.  A very kind person might call the first picture an 'action shot'?! 
I took a look again at the hole in the Eucalyptus tree that the romantic Galah's were investigating the other day and I can confirm, they are nesting!  One of them was busy moving in and out of the hole, disappearing for some time completely within the tree, while the other was having a snooze.  Wonder which was male and which was female?!

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