Saturday, 24 April 2010

Butterfly flutter by

I explored the rock garden on Friday, once again glorious Autumn weather.  Having experienced all four seasons in Canberra now (I arrived here from the UK at the end of winter last August) I can say that this is definitely my favourite time of year. Beautifully cloudless sunny days, warm but not hot, gentle breezes, flowers blooming, plenty of birds and butterflies, glorious.  My least favourite season had to be spring, in the UK I would love spring, but here there is so much pollen in the air at that time of year I got chronic hayfever and nosebleeds!!  In any season though, getting out into the gardens is likely to be the highlight of my day, whatever the weather. 

Walking up the path to the upper level of the rock garden I came across a stunning Grevillea at the side of the path, absolutely teeming with bees.  I couldn't find a label, so unfortunately can't say which variety it is, but if you are in the rock garden you will easily find it as it is a very large bush. 

At the top there was a fairly bare sunny area, with lots of strawflowers or everlasting daisies, Bracteantha bracteata where dozens of Australian painted ladies Vanessa kershawi were fluttering from plant to plant.  My camera seems to do quite well taking pictures of butterflies and I love butterflies, so here are some of the many photos I took:
Another interesting thing I saw today was this seedpod on the Braidwood Waratah Telopea mongaensis.  The waratah is another iconic Australian flower, blooming spectacularly in spring. 


  1. The grevillea looks like one of the G. banksii x bipinnatifida hybrids, perhaps Ned Kelly.

  2. Thanks Duncan, its certainly a really lovely Grevillea.

  3. The Telopea mongaensis you mention, I think is also the closest naturally growing Telopea to Canberra.

    I agree with you about not liking spring due to hayfever - and the rotten wind in spring. My favourite season is summer, but I agree Autumn is not bad, at least it is not winter.

  4. I dug around under the plant and found the label on the Grevillea! It is in fact Mason's hybrid, I think this may even be a picture of the self-same Grevillea on the ANBG website: Grevillea 'Mason's Hybrid'