Wednesday, 13 June 2012

A kangaroo punch up!

Now here is something you don't see every day... 

Amazing to watch!  The kangaroo on the right won, I think it may have been that final kick.  Not long after that the one on the left literally bowed down, admitting defeat.  The other kangaroos just stood still like statues or kept their head down munching the grass!  Incidently, a great film about Kangaroo behaviour is Faces in the Mob, its quite a tear-jerker!  This was taken at a long range (they were probably about 100m away) so the quality isn't great, and I didn't think to take a video - that would have been good.  I took the pictures from the deck of Rose cottage at Wisteria cottages in lovely Stanthorpe (the coldest place in Queensland!) - we were very lucky and snapped up a last minute cancellation for the Queens' birthday weekend.  Cosy log fires, vineyards and crisp winter days, wonderful.  

But just to prove that the Kangaroos in the region can be cute and cuddly too... 


  1. I have rellies in Stanthorpe, so I can appreciate how much you would have enjoyed your weekend getaway there with the log fire. The roos' performance must have been fascinating!

  2. Hi Leanne, it is gorgeous up there - reminded me a lot of the country around Canberra which I really miss, with the granite and roos and of course the cold!

  3. Blimey! Winter in Stanthorpe. Maybe the roos were just trying to keep warm.

  4. I really don't miss Canberra but have had tea at that place in Stanthorpe. We have a log fire in Kuranda when it gets down to 17C. It's amazing what one can get sued to.