Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Bath time

There is a bench in the garden dedicated to a certain Tom Green, who (according to the bench) was a keen birdwatcher.  So, as you might guess, this bench is situated in one of the best spots to sit and watch birds!  Opposite the bench is a shady glade with a little pool of water, where I have seen many birds flitting around and even taking a bath.  Today as I was passing I could hear that there were a lot of Crimson Rosellas Platycercus elegans chattering away to each other behind the screen of the bushes.  They sounded like they were having a jolly old time in there, so I took a peek - sure enough, one little fellow was happily splashing about in the pool...

Then his friend decided to join him - this bathtub is big enough for two!

I got some nice pictures of some other Crimson Rosellas nearby.  They are very beautiful birds, such a cheerful colour with cheeky little faces, they always brighten up my day. 

I do have a bone to pick with a pair of them though.  Remember the nesting Galahs? Well, after I noticed they were in and out of the nest hole I went back a week later and found they were no longer there - the hole was being investigated by a pair of Crimson Rosellas! So it appeared they had been turfed out of their love nest, I was most indignant.  However, since then I haven't seen any birds near the hole in the Eucalyptus tree, so it seems I won't get to watch any birds nesting there after all, at least, not for now...

Finally, as this is a blog about my lunchtime after all, I thought Id just share a shot of my lunch!  I went to Hudson's cafe which is situated in the gardens, in fact for the first time.   I had the most enormous bagel, which a cheeky Magpie Gymnorhina tibicen had his little beady eye on!